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Revitalising a Hectic Reception

In the Calendar Year 2015 we welcomed 18,780 visitors through our reception doors. It is widely known that there are over 100 nationalities living in our area of benefit and as increasing numbers of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers arrive so the needs for support and signposting grow. Three years ago we realised that if [...]

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Managing Transition

By providing us with a one year grant within their Enable programme Lloyds Bank Foundation have supported JET for the third time. This is funding to enable us to take positive steps to transform the charity, to prepare a new Business Plan, to issue a revised constitution and to create a stable and solid foundation [...]

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Move Forward Fearlessly

In the early part of 2016 we were delighted to hear from Big Lottery Awards for All that we had received our fifth grant in the last 8 years. The programme is designed to help local residents ‘To Move Forward Fearlessly’. We shall do this by providing all sorts of group sessions including sewing, arts [...]

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Flourishing in the future

It is generally known that over the last few years austerity measures have made life exceptionally awkward for local charities and voluntary community organisations. It is often these small businesses, locally led and grassroots by nature, which are able to get close to the communities which they serve and to identify priorities for the meeting [...]

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Saris and Streets: South Asian Women and Derby Urban History

For many years JET has wanted to have the privilege to deliver a Heritage Lottery Project. A recent grant will enable local Asian Women of different ages to learn the history of the neighbourhood within our area of benefit and to increase their understanding of UK heritage. The project is designed to enable them to [...]

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Money Skills

For the second time in JET’s history Santander Foundation have been kind enough to support us with a very specific 6 month programme for the delivery of numeracy elements mapped to the adult numeracy curriculum. The target audience for this project consists of men and women, often refugees and asylum seekers who are keen to [...]

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From Learning to Earning

Although the Equitable Charitable Trust closed their doors towards the end of 2015 we were delighted to have been included in their final distribution of assets to individual charities who had met their outputs and outcomes. This programme will have operated for a total of 4 years and will have enabled a number of BAMER [...]

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Talent Match is a Big Lottery funded Project delivered in the D2N2 area by Groundwork Greater Nottingham. In Derby JET operates as a Micro hub delivering advice, support and guidance for the benefit of NEETs (in the age range of 18-24) who have been out of work, education or training for 12 months or more. [...]

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